Training of Trainers

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  • The course is recommended to fulfill the medical trainers needs in the following area:
  • The participant will be able to have developed confidence in their ability to train effectively in the clinic.
  • Become more aware regarding teaching and learning skills
  • Be able to monitor their trainee’s development as academic supervisor.
  • Work-based formative assessments.


  • Establish a healthy learning environment.
  • Master the clinical competencies for the clinical practice .
  • Train junior trainees on applying the constructive feedback.
  • Train senior trainees on applying 5-microskills for clinical teaching.
  • Conduct portfolio and supervision assessment.


رسوم الدورة:

  • السعر 633 ريال
  • استخدم كود GNP للموظفين GNP

Dr. Rajaa Mohammad Al-Raddadi

Preventive medicine consultant

Dr. Mazin Ismail

Family Medicine consultant

Dr. Sarah Almuammar

Assistant Professor and Family Medicine Consultant

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